A Connection Economy

When I was a kid I wanted to get to know every person in the world, no kidding. Not that I wanted to be a celebrity. Just wanted to connect; to get to know the whole world on a personal level. I was fascinated by the enormous diversity of the human race and longed to solve the numerous mysteries that every personality entailed for me.

A recent article of an  interview with Seth Godin reminded me of this past whim of mine. He claims that we have left the industrial era and are entering a connection economy. “We are in an era of handmade insights, of human beings who touch other human beings in some way, making change happen.”

What a wonderful phenomenon human communication is! One word, one simple sentence can bring about so many different reactions in different people, so many different consequences – all because of the different emotions we experience. Are we finally realizing the importance of human emotion in business communication? Are we slowly realizing that animal spirits make a difference in our economy? Will we ever even come close to solving the mysteries of communication? How amazingly helpful that would be in every aspect of life, not just business and personal? Are there some people who are just better at solving these mysteries than others? Is it an art that can be taught?

Or are we losing this art in this fast-paced generation of social media and electronic communication where a deep, meaningful conversation is a rare delicacy like classic literature is a waste of time? And it takes a genius like Seth to remind us the importance of this human connection?

For now, I’m off to try and solve one such mystery – my two year old. If only I can figure out how to communicate to her that I’m in charge and she needs to listen to mommy …