Radio Flyer

I always wanted a Radio Flyer as a kid. The classic American toy that gives flight to so many kids’ dreams. Just seeing the bright red toys with white text splashed across it reminds you of happy, childhood days.

So yesterday I decided to take my baby girl to my favorite toy store to pick up her first Radio Flyer. We had a fun time scouring the colorful toy racks, searching for the familiar red wagons. I was surprised at how excited this tow year old was at the idea of buying this toy, assuming she hardly knew what a Radio Flyer was.

After a lot of browsing and trying, we finally settled on a ‘scooter. I grabbed the bright red, bulky package, when immediately a demanding voice squeaked, “Not the red one!”

What?! Not the red one? Red is what defines a Radio Flyer. Whoever even thought of coming up with Radio Flyers in different colors? Every image I had of these wonderful playthings was in red. Red is the Radio Flyer brand! So I tried explaining to her how cool a Red scooter would be, how envious every kid in the neighborhood would be, how pretty I thought the red scooter looked. Didn’t work. I tried a different approach – it’s red or nothing. A tantrum ensued.

We returned home with a pink, sparkly scooter.

So much for the Red branding! I guess the company has been more farsighted than me, catering to meet the needs of their ever-changing market including the new generation of pink-loving, bossy, princesses.