So why Lemon Tart?

There are a few things I miss about life in Pakistan.

  • Shikanjabeen – The Pakistani form of lemonade. Fresh-squeezed lemon juice, with sugar, ice, a touch of salt… ahhhhhhhh! The ultimate refreshment in 100 degree summer afternoons. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to get the same taste myself here. Call me crazy, but it feels like lemons here just don’t taste the same. Most fruit doesn’t. I’ve been hearing buzz words like ‘genetically modified’, ‘not organic’ etc. that might have something to do with this. Regardless, I haven’t had real shikanjabeen in a while.
  • Lemon tarts – I can get plenty of lemon tarts here; have even tried quite a few. But it’s the desi* version that I crave – a little pastry tartlet with swirly yellow cream, more sweet than tart, topped with a dot of red jelly. Mmm mmm good! I’d eat around the jelly first so that my last bite would contain the jelly – has anyone else ever tried that?
  • Clothes – the best thing about desi clothes is that you get to design your own! It’s like getting ice cream for Cold Stone or Marble Slab. You get to pick your fabric, then choose from an endless assortment of lace, sequins, broches, buttons, embroidery… Finally you get the clothes tailor-made so they’re just perfect for you. And thus the chances of running into someone else wearing the same clothes are pretty slim. Here, on the other hand, department and chain stores dominate the clothing market.

My nostalgia for desi clothes set in when I started dressing my little pumpkin in Carter’s and Gymboree clothing. Without fail I’d run into another kid at the mall or at a birthday party wearing stuff my baby had. And for some reason it didn’t seem special anymore. I wanted only the most special things for my little one 🙂 How I’d love to shop for my baby’s clothes, Paki style! And I woke up one morning with the idea that I want to share these special things with others. Lemonades and Lemon Tarts,

Chubby babies with pretty clothes,

Days filled with shopping,

 These are a few of my favorite things…


What are some of your favorite things? If you’re looking for ideas to start your own business, it’s a good exercise to make this list.


* Desi [d̪eːsi] or Deshi [d̪e(ː)ʃi] refers to the people, cultures, and products of the Indian subcontinent and, increasingly, to the people, cultures, and products of their diaspora. Desi countries include India, Bangladesh, Pakistan There are large desi populations in (e.g.) the UK, US, Canada, and other western countries as well. (


2 thoughts on “So why Lemon Tart?

  1. I’ve had great success with key limes for making shikanjabeen. Get ripe (yellow) ones and add a dash of black salt (if available) or kosher salt.

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