The beginning

My husband and I used to argue about my work plans before our baby was born. He insisted that I stay home with the baby. I wanted to go back to work.  He believed if I quit work I’d have the time for the best possible upbringing for our little girl. I could not  come to terms with the idea of throwing away my, thus far, successful career, professional network,  and Ivy League education to be a SAHM.

Months after the baby was born we were still arguing about my work plans. My husband insisted I go back to work. I wanted to stay home with the baby. He’s realizing that a baby means increased expenses; and we’re lucky to have my parents close by so baby’s care is still within the family. I cannot come to terms with the idea of staying away from my baby for 8+ hours, 5 days a week (or even less for that matter) – what with missing out on the nursing bond, and all of her ‘firsts.’ Goes to show the unexpected surprises expecting can bring.

So we set about to find a creative solution that would not leave any of us miserable. Ta da… Lemon Tart! ( I love dressing up my baby (like I used to love dressing up dolls as a kid), and taking pictures of her in every outfit. Having a baby is every girl’s dream come true: you get to design an entire wardrobe… and then start all over again as she grows out of each one!

Starting my own business has always been a dream (wow, baby sure is making a lot of dreams come true – stay tuned for future blog posts about another one!). The idea of Lemon Tart has started me on a very exciting journey. I am finally able to put my creativity to work. And as I relish every day that I get to spend with my little princess, I want to help other moms enjoy the same. That’s where this blog comes in.

With this blog I want to:

– share my exciting journey with you

– share all I’m learning about starting s business in the hope that I may inspire one other mom to explore her options

– promote the goals for Lemon Tart Babies (details to follow)

– leave behind a ‘legacy’ so one one day my daughter can read my posts and witness the inspiration she’s been for me

So do you want to join me on my journey?

Disclaimer: I’m not such a risk-taker that I quit my job for my new venture. Thankfully my boss has been understanding of my changing priorities and has offered me a largely work-from-home position 🙂


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